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New, Jersey City Apartments Listings in Jersey City

new, Jersey City Apartments
MLS# 170000231, 367 3rd st Jersey City NJ

For today’s new, Jersey city Apartments Listings we have four condominiums in Downtown Jersey City.

 Two at 377, 5th Street, MLS#’s  170000247 and 170000249, MLS# 170000253 at 323.5 , 7th Street and MLS# 170000231 at 367 3rd Street.

The two at 337, 5th street and the one at 367, 3rd are all new construction in boutique buildings. Interestingly enough all three are three bedrooms wit at least 2 baths. The demand for three bedrooms is strong both in Downtown Jersey City and in Hoboken so a lot of these smaller boutique buildings are addressing that. 

New, Jersey City Apartments 367,3 rd. St.

We don’t have size data for the two at 377 , 5th street.  The one at 367, 3rd is indicated as being 1450 square feet  priced at $1,999,900. That works out to about $828 per square foot which is in line with prices for new apartments in the area.

The apartment oat 323.5, 7th street is listed as a renovated two bedroom two bath duplex. It’s listed as 1198 square feet so that’s about $617 per square foot. To me that looks spot on for a nicely renovated home


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