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Jersey City Apartments New Listings

Two Jersey City Apartments New Listings came to market today, both, very note worthy. 
The first one I want to mention is at the Trolley House Lofts. Never heard of it? No worries here is a primer. 

Jersey City Real Estate


The line started at the Hoboken terminal and ran west on Observer Highway , back then it was called Ferry Street – ferry street lives on in the Heights as it was never renamed in Jersey City. The line then went up to Ogden Street to enter the Heights. FThe reason it’s called  the Trolley House Lofts is becasue they were in fact Trolley cars running on an elevated track . To learn more about the “El Train” check out this WEBSITE

Jersey City Apartments New Listings

Back to the apartment, it is a 925 square feet two bedroom one bath that is chock full of all the cool architectural details. It is priced at $469K , monthly maintenance is $447 and taxes are just $2560!!  Located a very short walk form the Franklin St. stairs to Hoboken this apartment offers a great alternative Hoboken at a about 60% of the price and a fraction of the taxes. 

The second apartment is a two bedroom two bath in Downtown Jersey City at 77 Hudson and as you’d expect it is priced at $1,489,000. This is one of the very rare units that actually has a balcony. This home unit 2510 offers harbor and partial City views. Taxes are $15,387 and monthly maintenance is $901. 

Jersey city real estate
The El Train that ran from Lackawana in Hoboken to the jersey City Heights

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