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Are You Ready to Pay Less For Your Next Home?

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  • Limited supply of quality homes for sale
  • High demand for homes
  • In many Jersey markets almost half of the sold properties were sold at the offering price or even higher
  • In Downtown Jersey City 305 of the 730 listed properties sold last year sold at or above the offering price
  • In Hoboken  412 of the 913 properties sold in 2013 sold at the offer price or higher
  • Bidding wars are a common occurrence
  • Almost every property sold gets multiple offers



Are you serious about buying you next home?

We can help! 


At EXIT we’ve marshaled our international resources, working closely with our legal advisers,  and came up with a series of techniques that have yielded some very impressive results.


Clients were able to secure winning bids on properties without necessarily having the highest bid!


We work with the sellers and their agents to educate them about the quality of a bid not just the  amount.


We’ll show why putting forth the BEST BID is more important than having the highest bid!


For obvious reasons we’re not going to disclose these valuable strategies here but if you are considering buying a home you need to know this!


Simply fill out the form bellow and we’ll be very happy to share them you in a private consultation to help you get your dream home!

For immediate assistance call/text me  201.562.6850

We are ready to SAVE!  

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